Characteristics and advantages of motors and automations

Solar protection automations are very important to contribute to the energy saving of a home.

Thanks to the motorization and automations, it is possible to achieve an efficient operation of sun protection awnings and curtains, responding to greater daily comfort and energy savings.

Wind, sun, rain, indoor and outdoor temperature and air humidity sensors make the safety and reliability of solar protection systems possible.

Solar protection automatisms for awnings and curtains inside a building or a house, control the variations in temperature, wind, light and rain in an automatic way and transfer the information to the motors to activate their opening or collection

Automatic sun protection is key to optimizing solar capture.

During winter, the curtains are programmed to close to prevent heat loss, while in summer, the curtains react to sensors and automatically lower to limit the greenhouse effect.

The Automations allow users to manage natural light, increase the insulation potential of windows and control the circulation of air between the different rooms, thus contributing to the process of bioclimatic facades.

Throughout the day in any workplace, the occupancy of the rooms, the incidence of sunlight, the outside and inside temperature varies...

The automatic management of solar protections with Somfy automatisms allows you to adjust naturally to these changes to achieve more efficiency and light and environmental comfort.

Advantages of the Installation of Automation in the Office:

Optimize energy efficiency.

Time scheduler adjustments optimize the potential of solar protections even when occupants are not present.

Increased heat gain in winter with the consequent savings in heating. Reduction of heat gain in the summer cooling naturally and reducing air conditioning consumption.  

Motorize or automate, it allows us centralized control and this control, whether home automation or not, allows us to establish rules and guarantee their compliance, as for example, if we determine what level of light is necessary to be able to work effectively, then, not we will leave artificial light on if there is enough natural light and, in case more light is needed, we will open awnings and raise blinds. And the same for air conditioning control, that is to say, being able to act automatically on awnings or blinds can allow us to save energy, depending on the climate, the time of year we are in, the geographical latitude in which we are we find the dimensions, construction material and use of the building, etc.

Another weighty argument for automating and motorizing shutters and awnings, which we will see strengthened in the coming years, is the new legislation on environmental issues. Our planet will have to deal with the problems of climate change.

The Kyoto Protocol establishes strict restrictions on CO2 emissions.

These are working on rules and laws to reduce energy consumption. Tariff bands are already being applied to consumption. Those who consume the most pay a surcharge, the price of electricity, gas and oil has increased, so it is time to be attentive and understand that air conditioning from now on does not mean heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Energy costs and existing and future laws force us to take this new scenario into account, so the efficient use of blinds and awnings will be essential in energy savings for both lighting and air conditioning And the next step will be domotization, that is to say, integrating the different elements of a home or building and managing them efficiently, and thus being able to improve comfort, energy savings, security and control.