Characteristics and advantages of Technical Pergolas

Technical Pergolas are innovative structures to create spaces fully protected from sun and rain.

It consists of an elegant aluminum structure specially created to enable large spaces. It incorporates an exclusive system of anti-rain rubbers that give it total protection against water and the sun.

The motorized traction system allows us to leave the PVC fabric fully tensioned at the end point, thus facilitating the channelized drainage through the pillars of the structure.

The technical pergolas have a very compact and robust appearance that give it total reliability and stability in very large dimensions. In addition, different vertical awnings can be added to complete the configuration of the unique space.

Its use is very frequent for the closure of restaurant and hospitality terraces, since the watertight closure it offers is hermetic and stable in its entirety, thus ensuring environmental protection throughout its interior area.

This pergola model is made with the Precontraint technical fabric, which is a high quality product, designed to be placed in this type of structure.

This fabric has a high-strength polyester yarn structure that guarantees a unique and practically equal dimensional stability, both in the weft and in the warp, which means that it does not deform under tension.

It also has excellent thermal behavior that provides and allows to reduce the temperature of the space to be protected, by more than 10%

Globally patented, Précontraint technology allows us to produce flexible composite materials with exceptional dimensional properties, going beyond our industry standards.

The Précontrain technology consists in ensuring a coating under bi-axial tension (in the direction of the warp and the weft) throughout the entire manufacturing cycle: the lightweight reinforcement of high-tenacity PET micro-wires is coated with several layers of polymers, followed by a dirt-resistant surface treatment. Thus, the materials that use this technology acquire unique properties, in terms of resistance, dimensional stability and lightness, eliminating deformations under load and providing a superior useful life.

Its properties are:

  • M2 Flame Retardant technical fabric
  • Efficient sun protection
  • Extreme resistance and durability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Motorized system
  • Solar protection automations
  • Paint with quality RAL lacquer.

Optionally, they can be complemented with decorative elements such as lights, heaters and string music, to give it the exclusive air it deserves.

Its drive is always electric to make it more comfortable to handle.

The traction system is composed of a high resistance toothed belt, which runs on particularly silent bearings and carriages.

The retractable roof is made of a single fabric made of PVC with internal mesh reinforcement, characterized by its high dimensional stability; good for sun, rain and wind protection.

The front water drain is an integrated part of the structure.

It has the possibility to create asymmetrical shapes that come out of the square projection that can be easily adapted to different requests.

It is a type of pergola that can also be installed in existing structures, with a modern and functional aluminum design, with stainless steel screws, complete with supports for installation on the wall or ceiling directly and it is indicated for covering skylights and large structures.

Accessories available

The metal structures of the technical pergola have the possibility of adding different accessories to choose from according to needs:

  • LED lights, located in the stick profiles, with remote control.
  • Side closure with fabric verticals or glass curtain.
  • Integrated heating.
  • Perimeter channeling.
  • Aluminum tables.